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Early-stage VC can catalyze your innovation

Early-stage VC can catalyze your innovation Originally posted on One definition of venture capital is that capital is invested in a project where there is a substantial element of risk in a typically new or expanding business. As an early-stage firm, we...

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Intention & Entrepreneurship

Intention & Entrepreneurship originally posted onĀ Iā€™ve found myself comparing the structured medical field to the unstructured entrepreneurial space. It is not only a comparison that runs through my head, but it is also the life I have been living for...

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Nikola Labs Closes $2M Round and Makes Key Hires

Investment in Wireless Power Startup Tops $2M and Key Hires Made originally posted onĀ Nikola.TechĀ Nikola Labs is part of the LOUD Capital portfolio. COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 11, 2017 ā€“ Nikola Labs, a pioneering far-field wireless power company, recently closed on...

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