LOUD Aerospace

LOUD Aerospace

LOUD Aerospace is dedicated to investing in the growth of companies operating in the aerospace ecosystem. 

LOUD Aerospace is working to build a more successful aerospace ecosystem by making significant venture capital available to businesses that serve the commercial aviation and aerospace industry.


By leveraging our partnership with Elite Aerospace Group, LOUD brings a deep understanding of the industry, allowing us to add immediate and measurable value through investments, efficient manufacturing methodologies, insights, and more.

Elite Aerospace

“The Elite Aerospace Group was formed out of an unconventional approach to address the unmet needs of an ever-growing marketplace clamoring for change. This unconventional approach to legacy capacity challenges has enabled Elite to truly soar above its competition; positioning itself as a solution-oriented product and service fulfillment provider. To ensure continued success, Elite had to be creative in every aspect of this strategy; from the technology and processes we employ, to how we capitalize this rampant growth trajectory. When we discovered LOUD Capital we immediately felt their team uniquely understood our vision and challenges. Their understanding of business processes as a change agent in their own right enabled them to provide a perspective rarely seen, but always desired. We’re proud to partner with LOUD as we continue to grow, and look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship.”


Elite Aerospace Group President, CEO

LOUD Capital

“Aerospace is an underserved ecosystem that has in recent history, been depleted of support and resources.¬†¬†We believe significant opportunities exist to implement technology, efficient business practices, and to overall increase our domestic manufacturing capabilities that are supporting the current turnover of planes and the new space race.¬†¬†

Aerospace is the epitome of imagination and innovation and we are just getting started.

Navin Goyal, M.D.

LOUD Capital, Managing Partner

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